Newcourt - Exeter and East Devon Growth Point

Newcourt is an area which has been identified as a potential sustainable urban extension to Exeter.

A Masterplan study has been commissioned for the area, which will provide detailed guidance for any subsequent planning applications. The Masterplan, which outlines the preferred usage of land and the overall approach to development in the area, is being prepared with the aim of providing for around 20 hectares of employment land and at least 3700 dwellings.

The aspirations for the Newcourt area includes the delivery of a mixed residential and employment area which the community can use, together with open spaces, green corridors and essential infrastructure.  The development should be well integrated with surrounding development and form a sustainable urban extension to Exeter.

Buildings under construction at Newcourt in spring 2011













Above: Work underway on site at Newcourt.

The whole Newcourt area will have a strong regard to the principles of urban design so as to ensure an attractive and locally distinctive environment.  High standards of landscaping will be expected and existing trees and important landscape features will be retained.  A green space framework, comprising a range of linked formal and informal open spaces, will meet local sporting and recreational needs.

At the heart of this urban extension there should be a transport hub. The transport hub should ideally focus on a new rail halt on the Exeter to Exmouth line and should include a bus and rail interchange allowing direct links to the City and wider area. The high quality Public Transport Link being progressed by Devon County Council will form an important part of the transport infrastructure at Newcourt (new bridge to Newcourt pictured below).

Bridge to Newcourt














Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) will be required to ensure the risk of flooding is minimised.  At least 10% of the energy needs of the development should be provided through decentralised and renewable or low-carbon energy production methods.  All options will be thoroughly researched. 

The Newcourt area is the subject of various constraints all of which must be considered in bringing development forward and which will be thoroughly explored through the master planning process.

Plannning Authority: Exeter City Council


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