Sustainable Communities - Exeter and East Devon Growth Point

Building sustainable communities, as we are at Cranbrook, Monkerton, Newcourt and South West Exeter, poses many challenges for the Growth Point Partners. But through documents such as Communities and Local Government's "Sustainable Communities Plan" we have a clear understanding of the essential elements for the sustainability of such new communities.

Of great importance to sustainability is an integrated mix of open market and affordable houses, together with facilities at neighbourhood level from day one. This is why we have brought social and community infrastructure to the forefront of the developments, to maximise community self sufficiently and engage the residents from the outset.

At Cranbrook for example we want place shaping to begin early and with the addition of Primary, Secondary Schools and local governance we hope to build engagement and pride into the culture of the new community. 

We also believe that building homes with employment opportunities is one of the key criteria for building sustainable new communities.

In close proximity to our housing developments will be the employments sites,of Exeter Science Park, Skypark, Exeter International Airport and Flybe's Training Academy (providing opportunities for learning and acquiring new skills). This means that Cranbrook will be able to offer future residents not just homes but job opportunities without the need for lengthy commuting.

Exeter Science Park Artist Impression

Of vital importance to the sustainability of the new community is good public transport links. Cranbrook will be accessible and provide for a hierarchy of transport where the private car is the last option.