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Internet dancing postman delights EON Staff on his East Devon Round

Adam Prowse, coined the dancing postie, has gained internet stardom and an army of fans after a video of him dancing while delivering mail in East Devon went viral.

The initial film was taken by a workmate whilst Adam delivered mail to the E.ON Energy Centre on Skypark on his round which includes also delivering to Cranbrook in East Devon.

According to The Daily Telegraph newspaper who posted a follow up the video, said the ‘postie strutting his stuff with one customer was watched 1.5 million times online last week’.

The customer who joined in Adam on the impromptu dance floor was E.ON energy centre receptionist Nicholla Sullings.

Nicholla told the Telegraph that she relies on Adam for her "daily exercise" and she tells colleagues at the energy centre that she is “just going out to dance with my postman but none of them believed me until the video.”

Dancing Postie delivers to EON Energy Centre and becomes internet sensation


Cranbrook residents have reported seeing the dancing postie delivering in the new town, one resident said: “He’s being called the UK’s happiest postman, which is fitting given the latest happiness rating in Cranbrook, so he fits right in.”

A recent survey revealed that Cranbrook had continued to remain happy overall during the previous year.

Results from the second survey of its kind showed that community spirit and friendly people are what makes Cranbrook special.

The headline results show that 88% of respondents feel Cranbrook is a good place to live, 86% get on well with the people they meet.

Royal Mail spokeswoman Val Bodden said: "Adam is a great entertainer, who brightens up our customers' day as he delivers their mail. "As well as putting a smile on people's faces, he is a hard worker who is good at his job. It is a pleasure to have him working for us."