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Local Community Get Involved to Help Shape Cranbrook over the next 15 years

Cranbrook: Your town, Your future, Your say Local Community Get Involved to Help Shape Cranbrook over the next 15 years

Residents of Cranbrook and neighbouring parishes have welcomed a community consultation on how Devon’s newest town will grow and develop.

East Devon District Council are inviting all those living or working in and around Cranbrook to have their say on a range of subjects as part of the ‘Your town, Your future, Your say’, a 6 week long consultation which runs until 25 July 2016.

Comments are being sought on topics including health and wellbeing, culture, sport and community, economy and enterprise, energy and climate change, transport, landscape and biodiversity, design and housing which have been published in a ‘Cranbrook Issues and Options Report’.

Responses to the consultation will inform the Council’s planning policy for the town in the future, culminating in the adoption of a Development Plan Document (DPD).

Cllr Paul Diviani, Leader of East Devon District Council said: "We’re really pleased with the high level of interest from local people. Since the consultation launch, we have been out and about at 9 events so far. Everyone seems keen to take part in the first major consultation to influence how their town grows and what they would like to see happen, with lots of ideas coming in.

"Everything in Cranbrook today, including the schools, shops, transport, country park, play areas and homes, were all planned before people lived here. By 2031, Cranbrook will have around 8,000 homes, with a population of around 20,000 people.

"This means that Cranbrook is now at a crossroads. It’s time for residents to get involved to shape their town into a place where people can enjoy living and working now and in the future."


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Consultation responses can be made online at and there are also a number of in-person events so people can find out more and have their say.

So far there have been events held at the weekly toddler group and the coffee morning at the Younghayes Centre, a Saturday morning event at Cranbrook’s Café @143, at the end of the school day and the community market.

A full day’s consultation also took place at the 5th annual ‘Cranbrook Day’ Fun Day celebrations at the Cranbrook Education Campus which was attended by thousands of residents. There are also a session planned for young people using the youth bus and also a public meeting of the Cranbrook Town Council on 12 July.

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Keith Johnson, Community Development Worker for Cranbrook said: "This is the best chance for people to give their views and ideas on the future of Cranbrook. At this moment, everything is open and all comments will be taken into account. After this, all future consultations will be more narrow and focused. If there’s anything that anyone would like to happen, or not happen, now is the time to put this across and have it taken seriously." ?
"If anyone misses this chance and later on is unhappy about why X or Y isn’t, or is, happening, they will have to look back and wonder why they didn’t take this opportunity to have their voice heard." ?

Tania Beard, Headteacher of Cranbrook’s St Martin’s Primary School added: "This September it will be 4 years since we first opened our gates and so much has changed in Cranbrook since then. We are encouraging our pupils to get involved and also their parents, in helping to influence Cranbrook of the future. For us as educators, we nurture and watch our young people grow and flourish. We would like to see the town of Cranbrook grow and flourish too into a happy, healthy and successful town."

Caroline Fowles, Proprietor of Café @143 commented: "We were delighted to host a session in our café to help with the consultation. Since we opened our customers are often talking about how quickly the town is growing and what sort of facilities they need and want. It is amazing how many ideas they have, so we have been encouraging them to respond to the consultation online."

The ‘Your town, Your future, Your say’ consultation will help to determine the future of Cranbrook. For more information about the ‘Your town, Your future, Your say’ consultation process, view the documents and complete the questionnaire online visit

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7 July 2016