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The New Parish of Cranbrook

In just 12 months the new community of Cranbrook could become the new parish of Cranbrook, ready to elect its very own Parish Councillors in the May 2015 Town Council Elections.    

As a new community Cranbrook does not yet have its own parish council and the physical boundaries of the community crosses the boarders of more than one nearby parish.   

With over 153 homes now occupied in the growing community, East Devon District Council have agreed to start a process called “Community Governance Review” which will look at the new community and the surrounding parishes to agree new boundaries and hopefully conclude in approximately two years with the election of Cranbrook’s first Parish Councillors.  

During the Community Governance Review, East Devon will consult widely with all households and interested parties in the area, this includes the existing parishes of Broadclyst, Clyst Honiton, Rockbeare and Wimple, to prepare draft proposals for the new parish.  

Leader of East Devon District Council Cllr Paul Diviani Said “Every time I visit Cranbrook or speak to those people involved in the community I feel that there is already a wonderful sense of belonging, of residents wanting to take part in their new community.  

Helping the community to establish its own parish council will further empower the residents to develop the community that they want to live in. It is not for us, the District Councillors or the officers to create the community, it is up to the residents, we simply give them the tools to do it with”.  

During the process East Devon District Council will review the existing arrangements for the parishes which surround Cranbrook, and guided by local government policy and regulation, will endeavour to establish community governance in the area that reflects the indentifies and interests of the community.  

A timetable for the review has been set and the process will begin in May 2013. East Devon District Council will also identify individuals and groups of people who it feels have an interest in the review and invite them to submit their views, this is likely to include, schools, wards members, local political parties, the Police, members of Parliament and local groups and societies.  

Ward Member for Broadclyst Cllr Peter Bowden said “The future governance of Cranbrook is critical to the long term development of both the new town and the surrounding parishes.   The review process will be a vital key to the success of the community and the ongoing relationship with its neighbours.  " The first local briefings and meetings will take place from the middle of May.  


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